We were discussing dyslexia and how we could possibly build a game on Alexa to help young children with dyslexia improve their spelling. That's when the idea of a spelling bee came to us.

What it does

This program simulates a spelling bee with features such as "repeat" and "define".

How we built it

We built this program using Amazon Web Services, specifically the Lambda function and Alexa Developer Console in JavaScript. We used a Merriam-Webster API to draw the definitions from.

Challenges we ran into

Since none of us had previous experience using JavaScript, AWS, or web-based API, this program proved very challenging. In addition to learning a new method of coding, this was the first time some of us were coding outside of the classroom setting. Acknowledgements to Justin Jeffress of Amazon for his invaluable help and mentorship.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Incorporating all the elements of frontend and backend into a single, working program.

What we learned

A lot.

What's next for Spelling Bee for Alexa

More words, more features, and more fun (multiplayer, etymology, etc)!

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