Living in Montreal for over a decade, we realized that there are still a handful of French speakers who struggle with speaking and writing in English. In order to patch this language barrier, we found a way to promote English grammar learning through a fun & magical journey.

What it does

The purpose of our app is to teach English grammar by taking the user on a magical adventure. In our game, the user is the magician and must overcome the provided levels by using spells with proper grammar to kill a monster. When introduced to a monster, the user is prompted to attack by typing a spell. If not, the monster can counterattack and the user will be damaged in health. Each monster has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the user has to cast a spell that will target the monsters weakness. This game promotes reading/writing using proper English and quick problem solving skills.

"Spellar" comes from the user casting STELLAR SPELLS.

How we built it

Our entire game design is centred around the program: Unity. We implemented the backend algorithm of the game and front-end (animations of frames) using C#. We also used Adobe Creative Suite CS6 & Sketch to create the pixellated-style characters and icons.

Challenges we ran into

One of our greatest challenges was combining each team members' contributions together in a smooth manner. It was rough patch since we have a very interdisciplinary team, where one person was responsible for the graphics/UX/UI design, one for backend and one for animation and front end development. It became messy as we meshed our work together to create one extraordinary project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are most proud of pushing ourselves to our limits. We all used a program, that we were unfamiliar with at the beginning of the hackathon, to create our game application.

What we learned

We've learned many things during this hackathon.

  1. Communication is key.
  2. Do not underestimate the time contraints!
  3. Sleep is for the weak (Just is vital in your well-being & allows you to be functional during a hackathon)
  4. Never be intimidated in learning a new program in 24 hours (we have proven that it is possible at this hackathon!)

What's next for Spellar

Expanding our application with different levels of difficulty of English/themes/characters. We also plan to expand this product to different languages in the far future. We chose this platform because it is easily accessible to our targeted users (children & adults).

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