The motivation and inspiration for this skill is to help kids learn how to spell on the phone without ambiguities.

What it does

It teaches kids how to spell on the phone without ambiguities. It is based on the official international spelling alphabet, used by I.C.A.O: (International Civil Aviation Organisation); I.T.U: (International Telecommunication Union); and ANSI: (American National Standards Institute). It both educates and entertains, using rich varieties of skills in Alexa kit API.

How I built it

I used Alexa Skill API to build the skill in Python.

Challenges I ran into

Getting Alexa to recognize correctly, bugs in the the interaction model, etc.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I can help create the future of voice education, especially for kids. The template developed could be extended to other areas of education for kids and adults.

What I learned

I learnt a lot: VUI best practices, programming, debugging etc.

What's next for Spell on the Phone

Localize the skill into in different languages.

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