Inspiration - Magic and creativity made us create something which is a mixture of puzzle and arcade games. What happens when a magician is robbed out of magic? What's a magician without magic? It's a refreshing new fun game which will make you thing Skills over Spells Let the magic begin.

What it does - We made a game which has 3 levels where the wizard is trapped in a witch's room and no magic works there. It's on you now, how would you help the magician get out of the trap and get him his magic back. We have level 3 which is magic fails, where the magician has to cast spells on critters to get all the points. There are few situations where the magician forgets the spells and gets fooled by his terrible friend. Well magician definitely needs to STUDY the spells

How we built it - We build the games using javascript, website effects using CSS and HTML

Challenges we ran into - first we thought of building it in unity but due to many bugs and errors we switched to Web game. Errors did not stop there, we faced many of those errors in escape room game and had to make it all over again.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - That we successfully built it even after so many setbacks

What we learned - building games using JavaScript and some cool magic tricks

What's next for Spell Bind - making few more levels and some actual rooms for escape game

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