As technology continues to become more and more integrated into our lives, we are constantly generating data. Spektiva (Croatian for 'Perspective') gives users a wide angled view of their lives and habits.

Spektiva is a platform that allows developers to build apps that can push data from third-party apps and services to our site, and this quantifying and aggregating of this "life data" opens up exciting possibilities for analysis, trend discovery, and social competition.

Using out platform developers can setup apps to push data to our service and our site leverages this data and displays it in visually friendly ways using line and pie charts to reveal trends.

Whether its seeing the effects of your working out through FitBit integration, lowering your time spent on Reddit when studying (we made a Chrome extension on top of our platform to keep track of user habits online) or seeing the look on your roommate's face when his"did the dishes" piece in the pie chart is much smaller than yours, Spektiva leverages your life data so you can focus on the important part; living.

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