Richard already runs a delivery service and Andi, Kathrin and Simon were looking for a delivery service for their products. At the same time, a cooperation between Andi, Kathrin and Simon and the two young chefs/event planners Scarlett and Jonas started. This was the beginning of the cooperation between all three groups. With our concept we stand out from the current cooking boxes and thereby open up a new target group.

What it does

We deliver fresh food with delicious recipes, all in our sustainable deposit bags - without unnecessary packaging.

REGIONAL - FRESH - SUSTAINABLE, that's what we stand for.

An idea has developed into a concept for a regional cooking bag. Die "Speisetasche" (=The Cooking Bag)!

What distinguishes our cooking bag are selected and high-quality products from the region. Our claim are simple recipes, on a tasteful level, which are easy to cook at home.

The sustainable advantage over the other cooking bags: Local product, local delivery, deposit system (zero-waste).

How we built it

We have designed a first prototype homepage, with a connected shopping system from Strato. We created a Logo (Speisetasche).

Challenges we ran into

Connection of the shopping system.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Delivery of four "Speisetasche". We have a prototype store! Good Teamwork.

What we learned

Always calculate more time than you think in the first moment. Time coordination within the team, as everyone was still involved in other commitments.

What's next for Speisetasche

Scaling of the concept. Marketing, especially Social Media Marketing. More variations of the bags (e.x. for single household, babies, etc). B2B Concept (e.x. for events)

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