Dogs are cute, space sounds fun (and sometimes scary).

What it does

Navigating through space is hard- especially when your ship is made by cute dog eggs. SpEggs is a top-down co-op game- one person flies the ship and shoots down obstacles while the other completes mini-games to fix the ship.

How we built it

Using C#, Unity, and sleep deprivation

Challenges we ran into

Creating assets, learning new functionalities of Unity

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Incorporating RNG - Asteroids are randomly generated, and there are different types of astroids with varying amounts of health and speed. The mini-games also go off randomly, so you never know which one is gonna go off next!
  • Animations - The sprites and animation for the speggs are hand-drawn and animated.
  • Minigames - In total, we created three minigames. Although each minigame was simple, they were time-consuming to create since they were basically entirely new games.

What we learned

Working with UI elements, scripting for player mechanics, creating art animations and assets is hard.

What's next for SpEggs

  • Making the gameplay more intuitive. We need to add directions on how to play the game, and make buttons pop up so that players know what to do in the minigame. Adding a tutorial.
  • Implementing more mini-games and fine-tuning visual effects. Creating better art assets that convey the mechanics of the game.
  • Introducing a new mechanic- random timer switches roles of both players
  • Making the UI adapt to screen size

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