The goal of our mobile platform Speerit, to revolutionize the connection between the customers, the beverage brands and the entertainment venues. Focusing on the personal nightlife monitoring, our application will bring a brand new social, gaming and loyalty experience for it's users.

On one hand Speerit is a social-gaming application: it connects its users, track their activity such as: check-ins to venues and events, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink consumption, achievements and leaderboard positions, quest, task and challenge results. On the other hand, it is a brand new targeted marketing platform for venues and beverage brands: based on the previously listed, accurate, personal data our partners can target their campaigns, messages and offers as accurately as never before!

Moreover Speerit is not using ordinary, boring ad elements. We offer our partners to join our games and live content: promote and award challenges, create quests, sweepstakes and coupons to get a way better result than with a text/banner based or offline campaign.

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