Organising the material at our local "speelplein werking" was alwas a bit of a challenge. To keep everyting neat we used to have a big list with all the locations of all the stuff we had. A year ago this became a simple java application. Now it was time to get it online.

What it does

Currently it is a website where volunteers of our "speelplein werking" can register and search the database with all the stuff we have. Crafts supplies, outdoor / sporting gear, games, .... It is the beginning of a much larger site. In the future it will be possible to register for the weeks you want to volunteer and what you would like to do. Even a photo book will probably be added.

How we built it

We used simple technologies so others can continue our work with little knowledge of web developing. The stack is based on mysql, php, javascript, jquery and bootstrap.

Challenges we ran into

The usual when working with plain old php.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We closed a lot of the issues we made.

What we learned

Programming at 4 'o clock in the morning goes pretty slow.

What's next for speelplein website

registrations and a photo book.

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