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About Speee entrance art project

Speee is a company that carries out business activities with the mission as "To solve thoroughly, attract the future." We drew art at the entrance to convey this mission to the people inside and outside the company In addition, we started using artwork like Sumerian which allows artists to understand entrance art more deeply by using art here using AR

What it does

Speee Entrance art has several blue spheres with dates on them. These dates are meaningful in the history of Information Technology. I implemented it with the concept of explaining the meanings hidden behind this art with art using AR.

How I built it

Art that explains the art when you hold up the app emerges in the air and a mechanism that you can understand more about the intention hidden behind the art

Shooting in GoPro the process of having a bell's face written with paper and pencil Pick up images that were not taken of hands in the shoot and let white through imagemagick The process until art is drawn is incorporated into Sumerian as an animation Use iOS image recognition to detect the target plane Show art provided by Sumerian

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Internalization of art

If you are watching this many times, the picture whose original date is written will become connected to the picture of Bell in the head and become visible Art can be touched by art even if there is no AR because the art is internalized inside the viewer

Made with Sumerian

Aiming for improvement by turning PDCA while gradually releasing Agile It is suitable for agile development because AR content can be done without updating the application as Sumerian's characteristics

What is written with analog picture

This time Bell's picture is written with paper and pen Analogs are particular about it We will taste the unique taste of analogue and the transience which can not be regained I want to give surprises to people who see with this latest combination of analog picture and AR

What I learned

I wrote an introduction guide on Sumerian in Japanese

Sumerian's iOS sample code improved

What's next for Speee-Entrance-AR-Art

I will gradually increase art every month taking advantage of the characteristics of Sumerian I'd like to prepare an agent using Poly and make it possible for explanation to be done in the AR I want to make VR the entrance itself and experience the same experience anywhere in VR In the end I would like to make VR a company as a whole and to be able to take VR

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