Speedy Heart

Love is something we cannot live without. Without love, our lives become dry, meaningless. Love is the most precious gift in a person's life. Even if we achieve success in our life, build a big house, get an expensive car, purchase gadgets owned by few, if we fail to find love, suddenly everything loses glow. Celebrated novelist George Sand once said, "There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved." Millions of adults find the person of their choice through dating every year. Fueled by our thirst for love, dating industry is growing rapidly every day. It will become a $3.2 B industry in a couple of years. How do we find love? Some look for the right person in social events, parties, clubs. Some go on trips to find the right person. Some search love on facebook or twitter. Is that enough? It's not possible for us to attend a huge number of social events, parties, or to go to clubs every night. Social networks can be deceptive. The conventional dating sites add unnecessary complexity to the process of dating. The world needs an elegant speed dating app.

It's on this backdrop Speedy Heart was developed. Agora was the web sdk of choice from the beginning due to its simplicity, flexibility, and rich features. The Agora video sdk for web v2.5 release notes mentions quality transparency, device management, and volume indicator features. It was decided to include system stats (quality transparency), cameras (device management), and volume indicator (same) to build a unique speed dating app. Armed with excellent documentation, building a complex app such as Speedy Heart in a limited timeframe with Agora was a delight of the developer. The app uses robust web technologies and fonts that are gentle on the eyes.

You need a device, for instance, a pc or a laptop, with a webcam and a microphone to use the app. Please go to speedy-heart.glitch.me and wait a few seconds as glitch wakes it up. When the app gets loaded, you should see the audio source and the video source of the device. The person on the other side will visit the same site. The video chat will get started when both press the join button. A few seconds after the chat begins, both will be able to see technical information in appropriate sections. That's it. You don't need to provide a huge amount of information sitting hours in front of the computer to open a profile. You don't need to provide your full name. You don't need to provide your email address. You don't need to provide your annual income. You want to speed date. You don't want to write an essay. Speedy Heart understands that. It values your time. With this app, you can date even a hundred persons from all over the world in a single day, without leaving your home once. Whether you are a man from the US and want to date a woman from Thailand or you are a woman from Malaysia and want to date a woman in the UK, the app is for you and your true love.

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