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As the current workforce begins to rely less heavily on traditional face-to-face hiring methods, we have seen a gradual shift towards hosting online interviews using digital platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. While this shift accommodates to changing societal needs and safety requirements during the COVID pandemic, the traditional hiring process is still frequented, in which both employers and their job candidates still spend a copious amount of time preparing resumes and conducting interviews.

The purpose of Speedviews is to optimise this hiring process for small businesses, where owners would otherwise have to set up their own methods for scouting new employees.

  • why use multiple third party applications such as,, HireVue, Vervoe, and Zoom when you could use one platform -- Speedviews


Where there are currently products which cater to high-skill, corporate roles as part of digital interviews (hirevue/vervoe) and platforms for placing job applications (seek, indeed) there are none which do the role of both - and further, none that cater to low skill, easy hire roles for small businesses, hospitality and retail roles. Speedviews will fill that gap in the market.


There lacks a platform tailored for smaller to medium businesses to very quickly and efficiently hire new employees and for people looking for a job to find these local businesses.


A web-based platform optimising hiring through centralisation of the end-to-end hiring process in one place - eliminating time consuming back-and-forth between candidate and employer through 3 minute speed digital interviews where you can apply quick, and get hired quicker.

What Speedviews does

Speedviews is a web-based employment platform and video interviewing service streamlining the hiring process for both employers and candidates. From Speedviews' job board candidates can apply for jobs, and if passing a quick pre-qualification process, can progress to a speed digital interview. Employers can select their interview questions, set preferred time limits, set minimum qualification requirements, and application caps tailoring the hiring process. Once candidates have applied, the employer can sort through interviews quickly cutting out time and scheduling issues associated with traditional in-person and digital interviews.

How we built it

Speedviews is a web-based employment platform and was created using html, css, and react

Challenges we ran into

Time was the main constraining factor in the applications development, as such there were not enough time to create a fully fledged and functional back-end server. Furthermore, many of the intended features of the final product could not be included. In addition, some technical issues arose when handling more complex functions of the application such as sending and recording the interviews.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In making an unique and effective application that caters towards the smaller and medium businesses to help them more efficiently find and recruit new employees. We are also proud in creating an application that revolutionises the traditional hiring strategy into a much more time efficient rapid interviewing process. No longer will there be months of waiting for replies and interviews.

What we learned

  • Improved our ability to code in HTML, CSS and Javascript and exploring different options in overcoming the various challenges we encountered during this process of creating a working prototype.
  • We have learned how to collaborate and communicate effectively in a team to reach the best possible results in the time available. -We have learned how to work under pressure and a time limit.

What's next for Speedviews

  • Further improves on the UI/UX by adding more interactive elements.
  • Personalised profiles for the users and employers.
  • Employers can engage in live call interviews on the platform.
  • Functional backend server database.

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