I am an open source nerd who likes to contribute my favourite open source organisation FOSSASIA . As a part time I like to take part in Hackathons . Back one month , I cam to know about devpost but due to busy schedule in CodeHeat , I cannot participate in Hackathons , but when I saw this hackathon , it tasted similar to me , so I took part in it. BTW , I am making this application during my exams.

Feature Implemented

Volume Indicator Stats indicator Audio/ Video Management

What it does

Web Conferencing Webinar Hosting Broadcasting

How I built it

It is built using Webpack and Agora SDK .

Challenges I ran into

Due to limited code sample , I have to really try hard in testing sdk function and integrating them. But as soon I learned them , they became my best partners. :)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Integrating Latest SDK . Improving the Volume Indicator API by using a different method for getting stream volume Level Added Login Functionality And Admin Controls

What I learned

Super awesome Agora SDK intergation Building Web Conferencing Apps. Learn Webpack stack, I prefer node but this time I have tried webpack.

What's next for SpeedUP

Making It more responsive and decreasing Load Time.

Code :

Built With

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