When you're in a rush to get to class, it's difficult to know how fast you need to walk to get there on time. You either end up getting late or straining your legs because you started off too slow and sped up immensely later on. But at the same time, you don't want to be that person constantly looking at your phone to determine if you're late. SpeedUp solves this problem by giving your feet haptic feedback when you walk too slowly, vibrating at the exact pace you need to walk to get to class on time.

What it does

The app calculates a route between you and your destination and determines an optimal speed for walking. This optimal speed is updated every 5 seconds and then set as the threshold. When your current speed goes below the threshold, it sends a bluetooth value indicating the correct pace to a laser-cut contraption we made that includes a vibrating motor on your shoe powered by an Arduino, causing the motor to vibrate, notifying you to walk faster.

How I built it

We used an Arduino, hooked it up to a vibrating motor and used an adafruit bluetooth shield to access it from a native iOS app. All distance calculation and routing is done through Here Maps' API.

Challenges I ran into

We had lots of difficulty connecting the iOS app to the bluetooth component on the Arduino.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building a working circuit with the Arduino, vibration motor, and bluetooth shield in addition to controlling it wirelessly through our iOS app. Laser-cutting a casing

What I learned

Learned about how routing apps work (longitude, latitude, geolocation, etc.), more about arduino circuitry and laser-cutting.

What's next for SpeedUp

Search function to choose any location as a destination and a less prototype-like casing

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