(School chromebooks have very little disk space, so I had to remote into my home computer and record from there, meaning I can't use my Chromebook microphone)


Wordle (hackathon theme)

What it does

6 Minutes. Guess as many 6-letter words as you can. Each time you get one right, the screen shakes and the boxes are recolored to the new word. Unlike Wordle's 6 rows, you only get 2 of your past rows to refer to for color-coded hints. There's no penalty for wrong scores, so try your best!

How we built it

TypeScript. The whole tech stack is TypeScript. Can you guess my favorite programming language? I used Bootstrap for the frontend, just to make it faster to put together the project and waste less time on non-TypeScript stuff :)

Challenges we ran into

Yellow tile algorithm was surprisingly harder than I thought. Everything else was WAY easier than I expected, but this ONE SMALL PROBLEM took me so long to try and fix, that I skipped it and worked on other stuff to save time, and I never got to finish it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The project being done on time. I'm usually lazy with projects like this and spread out the work over like 2 months. Being in a hackathon made me code way faster than I ever thought was possible.

What we learned

Some new words, I guess... Okay, besides that, I learned to use the JS Fetch API via async/await (the easy way) rather than chaining promise .then() calls, which was really annoying to do.

What's next for Speedrun Wordle

Maybe fix the yellow-box algorithm when I have time.

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