Speeding Mobile Skills (SMS)


SMS is social network aimed to improve your mobile skills – tap, slice and typing. By playing specially designed trainer-games your skills are developing in fun and rewarding way. In these games you earn score, which represents your progress, comparing to earlier results, to your friends’ results and to worldwide results.

Platform and audience

SMS is targeted on two audiences: mobile users, who like to use their device more effeciently hardcore players in any genre, aiming to the top of in-game rankings mobile cybersport players, who want to improve their skills for upcoming challenges

App is developing for all tablets and smartphones with android on-board.

Short overview of marketing

Overall worldwide we see growth of speed in every sphere of life. Business, internet, information, negotiations, home everyday life etc. People want to save time, which is most valuable resource, obtained and spend by human. Today with developing of time-management instruments and aim-orientating models, 50% of people want to save time and spend it more effectively. Especially it has been seen through internet (growth of usability) and games (growth of micro-transactions instead of time-wasting). People want to save even seconds of their time, which comes from using mouse, keyboard and mobile (our goal).

One of most target audience to suggest instruments of improvement mobile skills are cybersport players. Cybersport player is a rewarding job, which much gamers are willing to achieve. There are plenty of cybersport leagues, championships and portals, with total year income of thousands millions dollars. Since mobile are world top prioirity in IT-technologies, we can predict mobile cybersport rising in 1-2 years, like it came and grew fast on PC.

Other side of mobile gaming medal – that novadays every mobile game with world rankings uses cybersport model, where top players are actually cybersportsmen, knowing game rules perfectly, having great game skills, spending lot of time in game, challenging with others for top places in rankings. In every serious game there are anti-cheat systems, which make valuable only personal skill and knowledge of player. And those players are too willing to improve their skills in favorite games.

Monetization model

Buying VIP content (monthly), which unlocks more professional versions of trainer-games. Taking part in championships on trainer-games or joining to watch and make bets. Receiveing international certificates of quality, which require highest skill and attendence of the official representative, who will confirm player’s achievement. This kind of monetization goes with developing anti-cheat system, allowing players to receive achievements according to their actual skill. Certificate is a reallife achievement which opens door before player to the cybersport leagues. Corresponding portal and community created, which is popular novadays, meantime giving alot of ad-monetization from CPM.

Strategy of further project’s development

Creating world-wide web-portal, uniting all cybersport players in one training ground. Here you can train mouse, keyboard, different console controllers (WII, kinect, joysticks etc) and mobile skills. Creating a series of mobile cybersport mini-games with synchronous duel and cooperative gameplay. Creating a series of web-browser cybersport games to grant world new casual types of cybersport, which can be attended by a kid or housewife.

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