Why just swipe a picture left when you can literally swipe their live face off the screen. While Tinder provides connections through pictures and text, we felt that our vanity is better expressed through live connections. So, we set out to enhance the quality of the connections we make with random strangers. We aim to connect people by having the strangers meet via video call, but as well are matched by their interest.

What it does

It solves your problem of being hopelessly single. If you’re too embarrassed or insecure to create a profile, you can anonymously join a intimate virtual room with fellow anonymous chatter. Otherwise, make a profile and join other promiscuous chatters with similar interests. If you hit it off, click the hearts and unlock the limerence ability; True love comes from virtual chat rooms. Your welcome from bedwithbread

How we built it

With incessant trauma and inevitable ptsd. A little bit of code too.

Challenges we ran into

Dealing with finicky server code. Learning new frameworks and languages. Inconsistent video feeds. Staying awake and focused. Not being able to find solutions to problems we had online, resulting many hours worked to solve it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to work with languages we never used before and finishing most of the final product that we envisioned from the start.

What we learned

Hackathons are extremely unhealthy. Physically, mentally, and psychologically. Also, writing server side code is not easy! Integrating a live feed video with a dynamic database was one of our hardest challenges. It took many hours of trial and error, and was a traumatic experience. But... was definitely worth it for the experience and knowledge!!

What's next for Bed with Bread

We want our webapp to impact everyone at a global level. We will accomplish this by adding a live translation feature via api, so that anyone from anywhere can mingle and connect. We also want to further improve on our compatibility algorithm, so that we are able to connect people with similar interest more accurately. Lastly, add a timer on the chat, so we create a faster and exciting atmosphere for users..

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