We've found that to fully reach the goal of eliminating multi-system chaos and make Infusionsoft the only CRM you'll ever need, you must have your inbound and outbound phone interactions tied into Infusionsoft.
FixYourFunnel.com has tackled this challenge by launching the first full phone integration with Infusionsoft for both handling inbound calls via our virtual PBX and making outbound calls via our Speed Dialer app. Our phone integration with Infusionsoft supercharges your ability to track who you call and who calls you right within Infusionsoft and instantly apply the desired tags and initiate the appropriate action sets. If your company receives inbound sales or customer support calls, you know how powerful it is to have an inbound call trigger an action within Infusionsoft, whether it be creating a task for a salesperson to call the lead back or simply applying tags to track the response of a new marketing campaign. To add to the automatic tracking, each inbound call can be recorded and a link to the audio placed automatically into the contact record in Infusionsoft. Sales or support managers can listen to what was said to that client by simply looking up that client's contact record in Infusionsoft. For companies that make outbound sales calls, the Speed Dialer makes it simple for salespeople to select a group of prospects, based on tags in Infusionsoft or their opportunity stage, and from any web based computer dial their list (or lists) in record time using the manual or auto dialer features of the Speed Dialer app. No more exporting lists and uploading them to another system (like an external dialer). No more trying to re-import that list after it's been dialed and apply new tags based upon the outcome of each call. Now, all your tagging and movement from stage to stage within opportunities happens on the fly while using the Speed Dialer app and it's full integration into Infusionsoft. Many more features are being added to Speed Dialer in 2013 that will revolutionize they way your phone and Infusionsoft work together to truly harness the power that Infusionsoft delivers in eliminating multi-system chaos.

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