Inspiration In order to

Reduce accidents when driver falls asleep when driving a four wheelers.

What it does

It takes the angle of the motor from the current position(say standard operation angle of the car with the road) from the rotary sensor and when the car tilts more than the specified angle, the speed of the motor is reduced until interrupt is ocured or the speed reaches zero.

How we built it

We used arduino 101 with base sheild. Rotary sensors, LCD dispaly to know the current angle, stepper motor, stepper motor driver.

Challenges we ran into

Interfacing Arduino with the computer. making LCD display work. what not ..... Everything was new for us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have learnt something new apart from Software Programming

What we learned

Hardware interaction using IDE.

What's next for Speed control with rotary sensor

It reduces the speed if the user looses control. This is done untill an interrupt received from the user or the speed reaches 0.

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