Many pega customers we worked with have expressed their challenges in accessing pega data to get real time insights. This problem inspired us to attempt this solutions

What it does

  1. Facilitates instant access to pega data at large scale for analytics
  2. No code change /rule change required for migrating new pega data set
  3. Instant querying and visualization of Pega data
  4. Any business user can handle pega data at ease
  5. Self monitors the system and includes modules for notifications and auto-recovery

How we built it

Our strong expertise in open source stack and data helped us customize apache nifi to build the solution.

Challenges we ran into

Faced some challenges in getting pega support in terms of infra and logistics

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to build a system that can seamlessly generate insights from pega at scale and in real time

What we learned

What's next for Speed

We would like to partner with pega to take speed to all pega customers.

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