What it does

As a version of iteratec's cooperative bomb defusal games, we implemented a small remote controlled car that is "armed" with a bomb. The players have to cooperate to defuse the bomb safely. To do so, they take three different roles: - the driver that drives the vehicle and has to make sure not to hit any object or else, the bomb explodes

  • the bomb defuser that is supposed to defuse the bomb ON the car as fast as possible
  • the instructor that is supposed to help the defuser with the task by providing solutions to the puzzles

How we built it

some Android, some Python, lots of 3D printing and lots of Raspberry PI GPIO stuff. The implementation consists of different parts being connected by a shared WiFi.

Challenges we ran into

Motors to weak, gears not fitting, portable power supply.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It drives!

What we learned

A ton about 3D printing and electronics. Making a car drive has a lot of pitfalls.

What's next for Speed

keep driving (so that nobody explodes)

Built With

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