I wanted to make something cool over winter break!

What it does

Speechy is a fun and educational grammar quiz game for kids around 10 to 13. When a kid opens speechy, the host gives an introduction and guides the player through the game, giving encouraging feedback and a fun fact after every interaction. Each game asks three random questions from my question bank, and lasts between three and five minutes.

How I built it

I used Alexa skills kit, python, AWS lambda, AWS S3 to host the audio, my friend Caila's voice (thanks Caila!), fancy recording equipment (also Caila's), Audacity, and Photoshop for the logo.

Challenges I ran into

When I recorded the audio for the skill it was tough to make sure the game encouraged users, but wasn't too patronizing to them, especially because the age range for the game is 10-13. I was set on using MP3s linked in SSML tags instead of text-to-speech, because I prefer that aesthetic, but making sure not to sound patronizing required a lot of rerecording.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was proud to see my neighbors Michael and Amanda enjoying the game!

What I learned

How to design and program a VUI!

What's next for speechy

Adding more questions and improving the app based on users' reviews.

Built With

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