Being a home for everyone from teachers, students, people who want to expand their knowledge, designers, technologists. Speechless is a web platform full of private presentations, big and small that are brought to life through the direct support of people like you.

How it works

Each presentation submitted by every user who wants to share his knowledge on something he know about or have passsion for. By subimitting your private presentation you need to fill your presentation details such as who you are and what is your presentation content in addition to the budget you want to earn from sharing your knowledge. Every user who has interest in your presentation can fund your presentation for a minimum price of 1 dollar, together with other people who have interest in your presentation the platform will create a private - live streaming class.

Challenges I ran into

Livestreaming is one of the hardest technologies to accomplish, nevertheless in order to accomplish high speed and stuning streaming resoultion we will need to implement data compression algorithems.

In addition to the coding challenges that we ran into, there is makreting challenge to which is to find good educators and professionals who will use Speechless for sharing knowledge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We had sucessfuly created our live streaming service with a little delay of 1~2 seconds and audio delay of 2 seconds, however the streaming looks good with high quality resolution.

For the marketing challenges we thought about introudcing our service in educational conferences and schools. We believe that with effort the sky is the limit.

What I learned

We have learned a lot in this hackathon, from working with a team and thinking about common problems we faced throught the process of creating the platform. In addition, we have learned to take our dream platform and divide it into tasks in different fields such as: defining the platform needs, designing a mockup, creating a web app, designing the sever side architecture, thinking about marketing startegies, etc. We feel that now we are more ready to take Speechless to the next level.

What's next for Speechless

We hope and believe that Speechless is going to change many educators life. In order to accomplish this, we are going to participate in educational conferences and press. By doing so, and by participate in educational programms at schools we believe Speechless will make a real change.

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