1. A friend of mine has been suffering from Dysarthria, a motor speech disorder. This is when I realized that there are very few resources for them. Studies show that there are around 130,000 people in the United States who suffer from Dysarthria. People who suffer from the disorder produce speech which is damaged, paralyzed, or weekend. This then causes them to have trouble in controlling their speech causing slurry speech.
  2. After researching and finding ways that would help people who are suffering from the disorder, I created a prototype that addresses different stages of Dysarthria. For people who have slurry speech, I have created a design which helps to convert speech to text and then helps the users friends and family understand what the user is trying to say. Through deep learning, I want to create a website which gets familiar with the user's frequency and wavelength of the voice, which then helps to decipher the speech into words.
  3. For another stage of Dysarthria, where the person is not able to speak, speech tools have also been provided like hand gestures, which not only help the user communicate through hand gestures but also help the user's family understand what the user is trying to communicate. In addition, there are more resources such as speech training videos and tongue twisters which help to improve speech. Further, the website aims to also have speech therapists available online to provide more assistance.
  4. As of now it is a Figma prototype. In the future a website will be implemented with this idea. The challenge I ran into is understanding how machine learning would be able to convert slurry speech into text. However through extensive research, I believe a solution could be implemented in the near future.
  5. As of now, the accomplishments I am proud of is researching about Dysarthria and finding methods which could help people who are suffering from this disorder. I have learnt a lot about the disease in the past two days, but would want to learn more and help in providing more resources for them.
  6. The next steps for SpeechHacks is understanding more about deep learning and implementing a website for the cause.

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