I wanted to create a website that takes someone's speech and then translates it into another language.

What it does

It takes audio input from a person and then sends it through Google's Speech API before sending it through Microsoft's Translator API before bringing it back to the website.

How I built it

I used wolfram to do the background processes like the audio. I then exported the audio from the website to the Speech API where it converted it into code before being translated by Microsoft's API.

Challenges I ran into

The APIs would not register with Wolfram, s I had to remake all my API accounts. The Audio would not export properly so I redid the entire audio mechanism to work better. The embedded HTML in the website wouldn't work properly so I had to re-do the code and make it work specifically with only one language and the website.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to successfully connect the APIs to wolfram. I also got the website to work properly with a visually appealing design to what it was before.

What I learned

A lot of HTML and also how to work with APIs.

What's next for Speecher- Speech Translator

For it to be able to easily switch between different languages instead of being stuck on one language until manually switched over.

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