After buying a sega genesis on ebay in January, we were trying to find a way to incorporate it into a hackathon. We ended up deciding on creating a speech synthesizer to run on the console. Our program allows a user to input words, and the console returns by speaking the words (or at least attempting to) using a library of phonemes we recorded (there are no pre-recorded words in our program or on the sega genesis). Because the sega genesis is a 30 year old system with a 16-bit processor, there were many challenges faced along the way. There were countless times where the system would mispronounce words, and we would need to tweak it. Because it is a speech synthesizer working on old hardware, the voice it generates does seem pretty rudimentary, but this does not all take away from the accomplishment that we feel this project was. The fact that it talks in our opinion is amazing to us and we hope you feel the same. Over the course of the project we learned a lot about programming graphics and sound for 16-bit systems, and we also learned a lot about what such an old gaming console is truly capable of. In the future we hope to continue to tweak, and polish our project to make it into a very streamlined speech synthesizer

Built With

  • a-sega-genesis-console-(original)
  • c
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