The inspiration from the project came from the new power the win 10 IoT OS gives and the oxford project that makes speech registration more acessible.

You can talk to a raspberry pi 2 with attached mic or windows phone running the app. The app will then regornize some commands that will be sent to a logic app deployed on the azure platform where it will go through a workflow.

Used visual studio for the c# and xaml code, and then azure for the azure part.

We ran into challenges with threads and data reading, since this needed to be done async

Getting the speech registration code to work and understand certain commands.

Learn alot about how azure works, and in particularly how logic apps, service buses and workflows works in azure.

What's next for Speech registration with azure web and raspberry pi2. Next step would be to try and implement LUIS from the oxford project as well which would give the app capabilities to learn new terms and commands by itself.

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