As an avid competitor and officer of my high school's debate team, I wanted to create an app that allows speakers and debaters to keep tracks of their time and their pace, so they know exactly where they should be at specific times. This way, users can deliver organized and fluent speeches.

What it does

Speech Pacer is an app built with a reliable timer and customizable in-app notes and notifications that pop up and disappear based on the timers you set. Timers are saved in a tableview, using CoreData so you can access the timers you have created previously anytime. The color of the notifications can also be changed in Settings.

How I built it

I built this app at Makeschool's Summer Academy, using XCode and Swift.

Challenges I ran into

With very little computer science experience, building this app took some time and took a lot thinking. I worked my way through many bugs and errors. My app was also rejected from the app store in my first submission due to constraint issues.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm glad I was able to build and complete my own app. Not only did I build one app this summer, but two! Check out my other app I created with The GirlCode called BobaBeacon (available on the App Store soon!)

What I learned

I learned how to code in swift, how to debug, and how to build and ship an app! This summer was very productive and building my apps were truly wonderful experiences.

What's next for Speech Pacer

I want to add more features to settings, where users can customize their notification views in different ways (i.e. sound or no sound, vibration or no vibration). I also want to implement the function where users can set an unlimited number of notifications. After each notification shows up, it should appear on a table on the TimerView so users can keep track of what notifications have already passed.

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