Came from a specific lecturer that used lots of filler words. We tracked his filler usage and were blown away, the number was 3 times larger than we had guessed. That's where the inspiration for this app came from. Being able to track your on filler usage, set presentation goals, and easily record and organize your presentations can help people improve in a big way.

What it does

Right now the code base has a GUI that allows you to record audio files of any length.

How I built it

We used Java for backend development, Python as a script to transcribe audio files, and netbeans to develope the GUI.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into plenty of challenges integrating python into our code base and using multi-threading to record while keeping the app functional.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This app has a beautiful GUI with more features than we could deal with. We are also really proud of being able to record and stop and save audio files at any time through our application.

What I learned

We learned about using python scripting, multi-threading, front-end design, and the importance of java class hierarchy.

What's next for Speech Ehhsistant

Next is implementing playback features as well as fully integrating the speech-to-text.

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