I have a daughter, she is almost 3 years old now but she doesn't speak any phrases. So, I and my wife went to therapies to find a solution for my daughter. I am shocked when I looked in the therapist's room there's a lot of children who has the same problem as my kids. I wondering, how it can be. So, I ask the therapist what causes this problem. He has a hypothesis that the problem causes by their kid to long play a gadget. I am no wonder, In this era gadget is a familiar thing that all family has. I search for data on the internet and I found three things causes. First, hearing ability, the second intelligence, and mouth motion. For diagnosing the problem we must know which area causes the symptoms from the three areas: hearing ability, intelligence, and mouth motion.

What it does

This App can diagnose the causes with self-detection from home. The app has a feature that can test what problem causes.

How we built it

We built it with java native Android Studio. Our database used MySQL and PHP Language

Challenges we ran into

Our challenges are about collecting data from users who have speech delays.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are the pioneer who concerns solve speech delays.

What we learned

We learned multidiscipline science. Psychology, Computer Programming, and Artificial Intelligence

What's next for Speech Delay App

Our vision is to help all parent who has kids with speech delays

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