Color blindness affects as much as around 4-5% of the population of US. We aim to create a system for people with color blindness to correctly recognise colors which they are unable to perceive.

What it does

The app is built on Android. Through the in-built smartphone cam, a user can take any picture. We use Microsoft's Computer Vision API to recognise the image's dominant and accent colors and display them correctly on the user's app. providing a comparison of what the user perceives and what the actual color is.

How I built it

The app is built on Android. I used Google's networking library Volley to send a POST request and get JSON response from the Microsoft API.

Challenges I ran into

Every image can have multiple colors. It was tough to create a method by which every area of a specific color could be highlighted for the user.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Made it single-handedly!

What I learned

REST API, cURL, Microsoft API

What's next for Spectrum

Redesign the UI

Built With

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