We are inexperienced in coding and thought this would be a fun way to improve our skills.

What it does

This game simulates a socialist revolution. Before the revoltuion, the player increases their wealth by chasing after dollar bills which tend to move away from the player. After the wealth score rises to 10, the revolution occurs and the music and background change. The player will be chased by revolutionaries and must avoid them. The game ends when the player is caught by the revolutionaries. The player can shoot coins in an attempt to bribe them but he/she will find that this does not help.

How I built it

We based our game on the code from - which is for a similar coin collection game. It is coded in Lua.

Challenges I ran into

We had difficulty coding the shooting aspect. We wanted the shooting coins to actually eliminate the revolutionaries but couldn't figure it out.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We learnt Lua today. We also improved our coding skills.

What I learned

How to code in Lua.

What's next for Spectre

We don't know.

Built With

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