Spectra 4.0 hackathon project designed to track mental health, provide resources, and match friends during quarantine. Due to the shelter in place orders and social distancing guidelines, many friends and family have lost connection. Our web application aims to bridge the gap that has resulted from extended isolation by providing a space for friends and loved ones to reconnect.

What it does

Through daily questionnaires on desired activities and sociability, our app matches its users with friends and family to encourage connection through watch parties, video calls, and at home workouts with one another. In order to address rising rates of depression, our application also serves to track mental health while also providing resources for its users to get the help they need.



Throughout this process, we built our application with HTML, CSS, and Javascript on the front end and Heroku to host the server using Node.js. In addition, we learned how to use the Typeform API for retrieving form entries and experimented with Postman for API testing.


What's next for Spectrackular Friends

In the future, we hope to be able to provide better analysis of previous user entries and integrate sign-in with popular social media platforms for importing contacts.

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