During COVID-19, we've noticed that there is a lot of essential travel done in the case of emergencies. We wanted to create an application that is easily accessible to improve the isolation process.

What it does

Our mission is to spread COVID-19 awareness, increase the accountability of users, and reduce any anxiety one might have after traveling. There are three main features: a countdown calendar to 14 days of isolation, a daily symptom tracker, and a blog where users can post about their experiences and tips for staying in quarantine.

How we built it

There are two main components to our application: a sleek and visually pleasing user interface that streamlines the tracking process for someone self-quarantining, and a robust backend to store every user's info and keep track of their symptom data and days spent in quarantine.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge was the communication amongst the team members which led to rendering issues on our computers. We all have different libraries installed on our computers so one thing that might work on one person's computer might not work on another person's computer. We managed to call and screen share to better communicate our thoughts and ideas for the application. Another challenge was to work with Firebase which we are not familiar with. We navigated through authentication and realtime database in order to provide robust login and storage for the user-friendly tracker and blog post platform.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of how everything turned out at the end! Coming from different backgrounds, we were able to utilize our strengths to our advantage. For example, since some of us are more experienced with front end and design, we were able to help out with the overall display of the website. On the other hand, some of us are more experienced with backend, so we were able to implement the logic behind our app.

What we learned

There are so many libraries! We also learned the basic workflow of a web app and the connections between frontend and backend.

What's next for ISOTRACKER-19

We'd like to expand our platform and make the application mobile-friendly for those that are constantly on the go or don't have access to a computer. We'd also like to account for user location in order to let others know about people quarantining around them(without giving away user information). Another idea that we couldn't implement but wanted to was replacing the symptom tracker checklist with an AI chatbot that asked you about your symptoms to make the web application more interactive.

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