Automating document workflows is necessary to increase productivity of firms and leads to lesser manual errors. When we combine the power of chatbots - (created on Telegram, Whatsapp and custom) and Machine learning the workflow becomes even faster and much more user-friendly.

We at Specter-AI started as a startup in Singapore during covid times to help ease their document workflows issues; providing industry grade security and a fully automated workflow system.

What it does

Core is of specter is based on a secure document hosting system which provides industry grade security for all the hosted files,

As per the Tenancy Renewal Flow; the RHMS module can trigger a notification through an API in Specter to notify registered user : via email, SMS, Telegram and whatsapp to know that their tenancies are due for renewal.

Once the user acknowledges the system can then auto generate the documents and letter that need to be sent to the end user and deliver them via all above said mediums.

The system can auto send notifications to the user as per the system configuration - this is fully configurable.

So user of the system has the power to upload their initial documents via Telegram Chatbot which guides the user through the process of uploading their documents and assemble them so that it can be automatically submitted for approval.

On The Bots as the person responds the system can generate a docusign based digital signature and then send it over to the user.

The user can then put down their initials using docusign and on submission the document gets automatically synced with the specter system and move to the next step of the workflow.

One the tenants sign the system can then notify the TA seeking approval or rejection.

the TA on specter system can look at all the documents linked to the case and then take the decision for approval or rejection.

In case of approval we can generate a digital fingerprint of the document and issues a open certificate based on blockchain technology which can be used by any agency to check the validity of the approval.


  • Fully configurable workflow as per needs of the firms
  • Chat bots makes it easier to use the system
  • The system auto generates notifications
  • Incorporate 256 bit AES encryption for all files
  • Opencert technology as used by Singapore Govt to issue certificates in Universities like NUS etc.
  • The entire is uses OCR and machine learning enabling blazing fast search across documents
  • Since the system is customizable to any firm needs we can configure workflow and approval and it's linked notifications.
  • The notifications can be generated in many languages based on the system requirements.

How I built it

System currently is build on Enterprise JAVA and Angular JS with postgres as it;s database. Files are encrypted with 256 AES encryption.

Build on RESTful principal makes it easier to be integrated with any 3rd party system

What's next for SpecterAI Rental Renewal

specter need to work on whatsapp bot and smart document assembly engine to enable firms to assemble any ind of document and send over to clients.

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