Me and my friends wanted to use the photo machine on floor G but when we tried to take a picture, he had to wait 3 seconds to get a post fast which was hard to do. Then came our idea.

What it does

Our application uses angles to take automatic photos with friends! For instance if there is a certain look you're going for on your pic (snarky,happy etc) u can train our app with your photo and the next time you make that pose a photo will be taken

How I built it

Used face detection technology combined with android to create an application that can take a persons photo with angle precision.

Challenges I ran into

Google cloud api was tough to get working because of the very many steps that have to be done just to get a starter app going combined with getting mobile vision there was a huge amount of work to put in.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Connected our app with snapchat!

What I learned

How to use snapkits api to upload our own custom photos

What's next for Spectangular

Filters and videos!!!

Built With

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