What is Spectacolr

SpectaColr is designed to help color blind people in distinguishing and even recognizing colors they aren't able to see. You can download the app, read about it, and look at the demo videos through the links given below. Our main priority is convenience, which is why we made the app as lightweight as possible. Our app supports protanomaly, protanopia, deuteranomaly, deuteranopia, tritanomly and tritanopia. We will be adding support for types of color blindess really soon to increase inclusivity.

How does Spectacolr work?

The app uses pre-defined color matrices for different types of color blindness to adjust the camera preview. The color matrix applies a filter that makes it easy for colorblind people to distinguish and recognize colors on items on their camera preview

Challenges we ran into

Saving the settings chosen by the user, so that he doesn't have to do that repeatedly was the most difficult of all the other stuff. We still wanted to make it easy-to-use, so we worked hard, and finally we're so grateful we tried, now that it works smoothly

Who we are

We are a team of two high school students from India: Atiksh Mittal and Arav Dhoot. We have worked together collaboratively to create the app, webiste, user interface, and user experience. We will continue updating our app overtime.

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