Our team cares a lot about education. We want students to explore science beyond the textbook. A lot of journal articles are too dense for students and the general public. We wanted to tackle that problem with Spectacle.

What it does

Spectacle offers student-friendly summaries of scientific journal articles. Students: this one's for you! Start a discussion. Engage in Science. Put on your Spectacle on and let's begin.

How we built it

With no coding experience whatsoever, we decided to use bootstrap's beginner html template as our base! From there, we did it like scientists - trial & error!

Challenges we ran into

Much external research, no coding experience, formatting, and confusion with terminology!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're impressed with how far we were able to come! With no coding experience, we're proud to have created our very first functioning homepage with a fabulous logo. We're also happy to have been able to embed other pages!

What we learned

We learned the basics of HTML/CSS, how to create the search bar, link pages (and basically the entire project!) but mainly how far you can get with AWAKE chocolate squares!

What's next for spectacle!

We want to complete the webpage, add more articles, and make it possible for student contributions!

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