As high school students that have faced constant obstacles year after year dealing with making sure we are able to get our work done faster and more efficiently in a short amount of time, so we decided to solve that problem. With that motive, we decided to make SpecMath. SpecMath essentially solves equations that normally take the average person a considerable amount of time, in seconds. All the user needs are the digits of there problem. Our categories range from common SAT problems to Physics equations and formulas. Our team utilized Python in Google Collab to make sure we were able to integrate any formula or equation we could think of making the coverage of our categories more expandable. During the development stages, we ran into several problems dealing with ways the user can easily access the platform. We tried converting the Python language into several other languages that are well more compatible with UI(User Interface). We, unfortunately, didn't have enough time to figure that out properly so we went with what we had. Our team was able to integrate a lot more programs than we expected. As newcomers to the world of hackathons, the collective teamwork was quite impressive, to say the least. Mostly, we are proud that we were able to create such a useful and applicable platform. Thorugh the challenges we faced, we learned a lot about how to convert programming languages and a lot more syntaxes about Python and how to utilize it more efficiently. As a team, we are looking to make SpecMath more convertible through a website and apps making it more accessible for the user. We are also looking to incorporate more topics and formulas to help expand the variety of options the user has.

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