Tired by the hoards of /r/amd users complaining about how difficult it is to view specifications for AMD hardware (processors and graphics cards, mainly), I took matters into my own hands.

Cool tech stuff

SpecDB has a relatively complex build process which generates a single JavaScript bundle containing not only code but also the part data...all of it. There are no HTTP requests going on as you browse around the site, and even search. This makes SpecDB much more snappy than almost every other site, which connects to a server with a relational database. I had to engineer the build system which converts the nearly 1,000 yaml files worth of part data into this bundle, as well as combining it with scraped data and supporting inheritance schemes between parts.

Argh! The CSS!

Add a part to the comparison page. See those curly brackets on the right side of the table? Don't even bother thinking about how I did that without JavaScript. They already stole a week of my free time, don't let them steal any more of yours.

Note: This is not a hackathon project. It took many weeks of work :)

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