A 2016 study by ____ showed that x% of Americans were afraid of sharks, y% of Americans were afraid of the dark, 19% of Americans were afraid of death and an astounding 41.6% of Americans were afraid of public speaking.

What it does

A conceptually simple, yet technologically advanced software that empowers individuals to get over the fear of public speaking by employing principles of communication a psychology.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a number of challenges. This was our first hackathon and our first time working with unity and htc vive so this was all new to us. A day before the final submission unity crashed and we lost more than half of our code which we had to type all over again

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning unity, building an interactive virtual reality project that we couldn't even think of doing.

What we learned

Team Work, Unity, HTC Vive, how to work under pressure

What's next for Speasy

the scope of this project extends beyond just people who are afraid of public speaking, but to those who just want practice with a particular environment and crowd. If I am a travelling businessman who has to go to India to make a presentation, I can practice with an Indian crowd and understand their social expectations and behaviors. This is also extendable and usable by any and every company, even the ones sitting here, that needs to train their employees or interns. So great! Now you are comfortable giving a presentation in front of an audience. But what about being an audience member and having the courage to stand up in front of the and an esteemed speaker to ask a question? This project is easily extendable to change your viewpoint and become an audience member. This project hence takes care of all of your fears of public speaking.

Built With

  • a-conceptually-simple
  • c#
  • htcvive
  • unity
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