ICON is a worldwide community of people coming from all over the globe. We want to take this opportunity to create a platform where ICONists can learn and teach a language from eachother.

What it does

SpeakyTo is an app where you can ask questions about a language and get answers from natives.If you're confident enough, you can even answers questions and get rewarded in ICX.

How we built it

Our team consists of 2 people, CreativeMatte, the UI/UX developer, and Spl3en, the SCORE developer.

The backend consists of a SCORE that keeps track of the user accounts, the questions asked, the answers replied, the question rewards, the users experience and levels. Everything is kept onchain on ICON and open source.

The frontend uses the ICON SDK JS with Ancilia, it is coded in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It queries the SCORE methods and display the result. It is hosted on a GitHub page, so the source code is entirely open source.

Challenges we ran into

It was the first time we (Matt and Spl3en) worked together, we didn't know eachother before the hackathon. We liked eachother work so we wanted to work together. We had to find a nice and fun idea we wanted to build, and find a way to work together remotely. We also got some testnet issues during the hackathon that slowed down the development a little bit.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to finish our MVP with all core features we wanted initially in a timely manner.

What we learned

With the current tools, we can build ICON apps remotely and quickly without too much friction between the backend dev and the frontend dev.

What's next for SpeakyTo

For the SCORE : we would like to implement virtual steps, so the application may be usable for people who don't know ICON and don't want to buy ICX.

For the UI : We want to improve the user interface and build a community around SpeakyTo. We're considering re-writing the UI to React in order to make the user interface code clean. Due to the hackathon time constraint, we didn't have the opportunity to code it directly in React. Please also note that the mobile version of the SpeakyTo website isn't fully ready yet.

Source code

Governance SCORE

GitHub :

ICON MainNet :


GitHub :

ICON MainNet :

User Interface

GitHub :

Built With

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