Anyone that's ever had a job can relate to the frustration of wanting to share great ideas and solve company problems, with no outlet for their insight. With only 13% of employees actively engaged at work (and double that number actively disengaged), we are experiencing a global crisis in the workplace - employees are disenfranchised.

Enter SpeakUp. Now everyone can create positive change at work by sharing their best ideas and solving company problems. Anyone can post a new idea and share it with the company. Anyone can post a problem and anyone can post a solution to that problem. All posts are votable and the best submissions rise to the top based on team feedback.

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Managers have decision making ability and can instantly access the collective wisdom of their teams, decide on the best posts and let everyone know what decision was made and why.

SpeakUp is for employees that want to create positive change at work and but are currently roadblocked by politics and hierarchy.

SpeakUp is for teams that want to stop doing things the old way - calling a meeting or an off-site to gain consensus around an issue or make a decision.

SpeakUp is for managers that value their team's input and know that the company's competitive advantage depends on employee-sourced innovation.

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