Here's the deal: Samsung S Voice, Vlingo, and Siri are all well and good, but they only attempt to give users the ability communicate with their phones through speech. All functionality within these apps seems to be limited to a few basic OS controls and an extremely limited amount of 3rd party services. You simply can't train Siri to learn how you'd like to interact with each and every single app. Enter SpeakMe. SpeakMe leverages Google's amazing voice recognition service to provide a platform so that software developers may easily implement voice commands. Users install separate packaged plugins for different platforms and website and are capable to interact with only their voice. SpeakeMe runs as a service in the background that once called, according to the keywords ("Twitter","SendGrid"...) refers you to the appropriate plugin where you can interact with the concerned platform, Twitter for instance, using vocal commands such as tweet, retweet, and read latest tweets or check my latest emails for email service provider. Our overarching purpose with SpeakMe is to create a friendly smartphone environment for blind, arthritic and visually-impaired people.

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