After seeing the struggles of children suffering with communication difficulties, we were compelled to create a solution that would allow a cost effective way of diagnosing children with Speech/Language Developmental Delays

What it does

Using Amazon Alexa's voice recognition, we are able to recognize speech patterns that are commonly indicative of Speech Disorders in children and young adults.

How we built it

-Amazon's Alexa Skill Kit- Lamdaused Natural Language Processing in text analysis and calculating various metrics.

-Research on Childhood Speech/Developmental Disorders

How we built it

  • Amazon's Alexa Skill Kit (Client facing portion of the skill)

  • AWS Lambda (Backend and Natural Language Processing)

  • Python's Flask Framework (Backend for website containing Diagnostic info)

  • Chart.js (For data visualization)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We were successfully able to generate thousands of predetermined misspoken words and match them with commonly diagnosed speech disorder

  • By using thousands of slots in the Alexa skill, we were able to get the full speech transcript from the user (Something that is not currently supported with Alexa skills)

What's next for Speakly

  • Diagnosing additionally speech disorders using the same technology

  • Pivoting to individuals learning additional a second language

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