Through our high school careers, we've encountered various times where we've had to present to a group of people. Whether that group is just a classroom, or an auditorium full of people, we've found that many issues are common in these presentations. SpeakEZ is designed to address all of these.

What it does

SpeakEZ uses multiple features to address many of the common issues that people face when giving a public speech. The Speech Analyzer uses the Hemingway Essay Analyzer to assess your written speech and eliminate any punctuation mistakes or run on sentences; this helps the speech sound more fluid and easy to listen to. The microphone is a simple and easy to use voice recorder that allows you to quickly record your speech and immediately play it back to yourself, without having to leave the SpeakEZ app. The metronome feature gives users the ability to select a specific BPM, and then practice their speech with the metronome ticking. This helps the user regulate their pace in practice, and maintain this pace when the actual time for their speech comes. The final feature is the Tips and Tricks page. This page is filled with various things that we ourselves have learned, or that we found by doing online research.

How we built it

SpeakEZ was designed and coded using the MIT App Inventor Program

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest issues came with the implementation of the speech analyzer. The Hemingway Website would not format correctly to the size of our Lenovo Yoga tablet, or android phone. Therefore, we simply implemented an ActivityStarter within the MIT App Inventor that would allow our app to launch Chrome with the Hemingway Website address, which then formats correctly to whichever device. Another issue came when we tried implementing the microphone feature. After the audio was recorded, it would fail to save. This was later diagnosed as a coding issue and was addressed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The implementation of all of our more advanced features were major accomplishments for us. The Microphone, Essay Analyzer and Metronome proved to be challenging yet rewarding tasks.

What we learned

Before starting this project we knew that the fear of public speaking was very common; However we were amazed at how complex and widespread that issue actually is. We gained insight into the psychology involved with public speaking, and used that knowledge to improve our app.

What's next for SpeakEZ

SpeakEZ still has room for improvement. A proprietary essay analyzer would be prefered over the use of a third party, the Metronome would benefit from the ability to type your own BPM and the Tips and Tricks page can always be added to. We know that SpeakEZ still has potential, but we are also proud of what it is right now.

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