We initially came up with this idea with the plan to implement our own ML speaker identification classifier. We soon decided to work on building on top of the amazing resources available in the Google Cloud Speech API and Azure Services. The vision for this application was not only the ability to transcribe any meeting, but in doing so improving working culture across corporate offices across America. Having a proper record of all planning and meetings, would keep all employees and coworkers on the same page and maximize efficiency by maximizing information retention and reducing assumptions. We saw the opportunity to use the transcript of a meeting (who said what ) to perform sentiment analysis and natural language processing to create the ideal smart assistant. Now, ideas were not simply lost in vacuum but the team's reaction could be gauged and tracked. People's participation and energy levels in meetings could be gauged allowing managers keen insight into the psyche of their employees. Thus, we could provide leaders with the unique opportunity to motivate and place employees in positions to succeed by playing to their strengths. The power of speech and sharing of ideas could drive the workplace and place a premium on ingenuity as bringing forth new ideas was immediately rewarded (we gauge the response to new ideas and report it). We also aimed to create the perfect assistant. One who never had to be told twice. One who was always listening, and could essentially provide you with essentials and assistance before one could even ask for it. You have a meeting discussing a future sales visit in a neighboring town, our application will go ahead and book you an Uber. You need to spread the word and make an announcement, say no more. Your new assistant can not only understand you and aid you but alert others with timely memos and emails as well. In essence, our assistant will bring back the power of free speech in a fresh way. Exercise your voice, be heard, and be successful.

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