Our inspiration was that Yanis spoke French while Shining and Dhruv spoke english. We had a hard time communicating, and that's where we developed the idea for a language learning app.

What it does

The application is used to learn languages by doing grammar and vocabulary exercises or talking with native speakers in a chat room to learn to communicate in that language. It currently supports English, French, Spanish and Italian, but we are working on adding more languages and more exercises.

How we built it

We built it in 4 parts: 1) The exercises- Dhruv made the part of the exercises is the system xp and levels 2) The chat- Yanis made the chat and the server to connect and communicate 3) The login- Yanis made the login interface and the database to store the login information 4) The application and the implementation of the exercises and the chat, Shining made the application and implemented the exercises and the chat in the application and made the graphic part of the project

Challenges we faced

1) The time- it was quite difficult to do a project in only 1 week, but we think we succeeded 2) Shining didn't know tkinter (and python in general) and learned how to code throughout the project 3) Yanis has not used python in a while; he learned thread/socket and other things while doing the project 4) It was super hard to work around everyone's schedules. We are in different time zones, and we are all busy due to school.

Achievements we are proud of

We are very proud of being able to complete a minimally functional application. While it does have a long way to go, we are happy with the way it turned out.

What we learned

We learned to work in short time frames and to collaborate as a team. Shining was completely new to building applications, having only worked on web design, so we used her graphic design skills in the application. Meanwhile, Yanis and Dhruv were both a little more experienced in python, so they helped work on the logistics and back end.

What WorldSpeak still needs to do

We could put the chat on a server host so it can run 24 hours a day because currently it's a local chat, also add exercises, notifications, world time and a call function. We also plan on adding languages, embedding the chat into the main UI and fixing the profile picture issue.

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