As my partner and I are both from a family of immigrants, we both know the challenges of new arrivals to a country in order to learn the native language of the land. Therefore, we have decided to go for the challenge #2 which is to help refugees find tutors to learn new languages.

What it does

Our websites helps refugees find experienced tutors to teach them languages that will be useful to them. Once they have booked a lesson, it will be displayed in their google calendar so that they don't forget it. The users could also create their own account (which is free) and see all their booked lessons and suggestions of teachers in their account. Plus, our website is also a place where people can find jobs to tutor new arrivals.

How we built it

My partner and I have used the website Wix to create this application. In order to create this application, we had to master the operation of Wix. Therefore, after some research, we were able to produce this website.

Challenges we ran into

The bookings section was a challenge, since the buttons that we have displayed on the website did not always lead to where they were supposed to be going. It was difficult to pair up a student to a teacher, but after much research we have found a solution. Also, the Wix website did not allow multiple people to edit at the same time and therefore, a lot of our work was lost during the process.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The website is fully functional and finished. The pages are very aesthetically pleasant. Also, the ideas are very original. In fact, not only have we provided a pair up program between students and teachers, we have also created a platform open to job applications. We have created a platform where employers can more easily connect with potential employees, thus creating jobs.

What we learned

We have learned how create a website and this could be useful for us in the future. We have also learned how to use the website Wix to create a website.

What's next for Speak with confidence

Speak with confidence will help people find jobs and help new arrivals learn languages, thus benefitting everyone. Also, with this project, we have learned how to create a website and this will serve as an experience for the future.

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