Inspiration - The problem

Women, typically, avoid the harasser, deny or downplay the gravity of the situation or simply attempt to ignore, forget or endure the behaviour. Humiliation is one of the primary reasons why women do not come forward to report their issues. Women frequently find themselves living in denial and minimizing what they have gone through. Women are oppressed. They don't speak openly about their personal problems.There are so many women who have faced oppression and issues in their life. A lot of women need help with mental issues. Some women need financial help. Some people need jobs. Some need a friend to talk to. Many women have bravely overcome their problems.

What it does

Speak Up Women Speak up is a space for women to support women. This is a dedicated platform for women centric growth, development and opportunities. Women can speak about mental, physical and financial issues. Speakup is a platform for women to talk about their personal problems, the issues they are facing in their daily lives. Women can come forward with solutions to the problems as well, along with resources that could help them. Mental health of women is something that need to be talked about more openly. Physical issues like several cancers like breast cancer and cervical cancer needs to be spoken of. People who have suffered from it must given an opportunity to come out with their story so that the next generation of women can safely tackle it. Financial : Women face discrimination while applying to job posts. Here women can choose to write anonymously about their experience as well so that the world can know about the different issues women in the corporate world face.

People will be talking and posting about events in their lives. We have identified the sentiments of the events that took place using expert NLP, and we accordingly use that information to recommend posts to each user on the platform.

*Mandatory Fields in each Post * Problem Title (5 words) Select the category out of the four Issues faced How they overcame the situation Advice for people going through the same

How we built it

We have used react for the front end and node.js for the backend. We used heroku to deploy our website. We have used API for making sentiment analysis of the posts added by any user.

Expert-ai NLP

During the hackathon period, we have added the API to our project . Using API has given a new turn to Speak Up. We have obtained the statistics of the sentiment of the posts added on our application. We have also built a post recommender based on the sentiment analysis and for better user experience.

The sentiment analysis of the posts help us understand the users and customers on our platform, what kind of content they want to see and accordingly filter and add more such posts to the platform. This lets us gauge the response of the users to a specific genre of posts.

Several users on social sites report being recommended posts they don't want to see. Here, sentiment analysis helps us prevent that as we only show those posts which the user wants to see automatically, using the expert-ai APIs.

We definitely want to see the trends and sentiments discussed in the post, the most used words, the trending topics. That we have done through the Expert-ai APs to understand the blogs, events and content that is being enjoyed by the customers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Hosted the application so that women across the world have a space to speak up about their issues. What we learned We learned how to deploy using Heroku.

What's next for Speak-Up women

We aim to make more and more women aware of this platform and encourage them to speak up about the problems that they are facing in their day to day life. We aim to make their voices heard.

Finally, we aim to help women who want to sell handmade goods online by adding a marketplace with simple payment methods.

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